Susan Budd is a native New Yorker who grew up in Ridgewood, a quaint neighborhood on the Brooklyn-Queens border. Her parents kept their horses in nearby Forest Park and fostered in their children a great appreciation for animals. Growing up, Susan enjoyed the companionship of dogs, cats, fish, a rabbit, and a parrot in addition to her human family.

As a young adult, Susan studied philosophy, wrote poetry, and played guitar. She was part of the local music scene and enjoyed hanging out at the recording studio and going to rock concerts and music festivals.

In college she joined the march for nuclear disarmament and organized an environmental awareness campaign. She also became a vegetarian when she learned of the plight of factory farm animals. She has been a vegetarian ever since. After earning her degree at the City University of New York Graduate School, she tutored Vietnam veterans and developmentally disabled young adults.

A poet and a philosopher by nature, Susan has devoted her mind to exploring the nature of consciousness, seeking self-knowledge through introspection, dreams, and fantasy, and attaining wisdom through the study of metaphysics and the spiritual disciplines of the East and West.

These days Susan spends her time lecturing in philosophy and literature, composing poetry and prose, and taking in the art and culture of New York City. She still loves nature and music and animals. Dancing makes her happy and good books give her joy. Seeking the purpose of life is the purpose of her life.

In the world of Susan Budd, to read poetry and contemplate art, to philosophize and seek spiritual bliss, is to discover what it is to be human. “That’s what I preach,” says Susan, “and that’s what I live by.”